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Benoît Serive

Marine pharmacognosy researcher

Benoît Serive
38 years old
Driving License
Nantes (44200) France
Professional Status
Just looking around
About Me
Laureate of the vocation award 2006
(Bleustein Blanchet Fundation)

Laureate 2013 - Marie Curie Outgoing Fellowship
OCEANCHArCoT programm

Member of the French Speaking Network of Metabolomics and Fluxomics

Member of the French Speaking Society of Pharmacognosy

Member of the American Society of Pharmacognosy

Member of the Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography

Reviewer for scientific peer-reviewed journals :
Marine Drugs, Algal Research

Invited Speaker at the 5th World Congress on Biotechnology (Valencia, Spain, June 2014)

In brief :

Voluntary, passionate and sensitive to human values​​, I want to use my skills to the search for molecules with high added value from marine biodiversity.

Golden prize of the most scholar, caring, and honest supervisor awarded to:

Prof. Ronald J. QUINN
(Eskitis Institute for Drug Discovery, Brisbane, Australia)

Mentor :

Emeritus Prof. Jean-Michel KORNPROBST
(University of Nantes, France)

Project holder in marine biotechnology

Company under development
Since June 2018
Company Description
Further information​ soon
  • OCEANCHArCoT program: OCEAN CHemodiversity Against Cell cycle Targets
  • Development of a microalgae dereplication strategy assisted with metabolomics tools
  • Exploration of signaling pathways hit by marine metabolites of interest
  • Mode of action of marine metabolites using bioassays, flow cytometry, epifluorescence microscopy
  • Marine bioresources valorization (cosmetoceuticals, nutraceutics, feed/aquaculture)
  • Involvement in OCEANOMICs Axis 7: Innovation platform for plankton screening for bioactive compounds and metabolites
  • OCEANCHArCoT program: OCEAN CHemodiversity Against Cell cycle Targets
  • Lead-Like Enhanced Fractions production and screening (HTS)
  • Evaluation of marine fractions from Great Barrier Reef organisms against biological model
  • NMR fingerprint dereplication
Detailed Description
  • Aim: Research of new marine inhibitors targeted against desease-relevant proteins kinases

    These latter are involved in various human pathologies such as cancer, neurodegenerative diseases or can be targeted to alter the life cycle of various parasites such as those responsible neglected parasitic diseases such as leishmaniasis and malaria. There are no physiological events not involving significant changes in protein phosphorylation. Therefore, PKs constitute currently the first class of targets used by pharmaceutical companies for the characterization of novel bioactive compounds. In a project intended to exploit the ocean biodiversity, Jean-Baptiste Charcot (1867-1936), a pioneer in oceanography established large collections of marine organisms. Taking this one step further, my project aims to source marine crude extracts from the Nature Bank collection (QLD, Australia), and from the unique Roscoff Culture Collection of microalgae (France) to identify new PK inhibitors. We will focus our analysis on PKs involved in the control of the cell division cycle (CDKs, TLKs and mitotic kinases such as Haspin and Auroras). The cellular effect of the selected inhibitors will be analysed on various cancer cell lines. This project will benefit from a new cutting edge technology will be used for the early screening of marine chemodiversity: bioaffinity (focused on PKs) mass spectrometry with a Bruker SolariX 12 Tesla FTMS. The lead-like enhanced fractions will be tested against various disease models and dereplicated in order to quickly identify bioactive molecules. Hit fractions will be produced in larger quantity before purification, characterization and pharmacological evaluation. In conclusion, OCEANCHArCoT will contribute, from Australia to France, to the research of marine bioactives to discover new therapeutic avenues to fight growing medical and social burdens such as cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Research and production of metabolites of interest in photodynamic therapy from photosynthetic micro-organisms
    (Work under confidentiality clauses)
  • Microalgae and cyanobacteria cultures
  • Development of a biotest to assess a specific activity potentially interesting for high throughput screening
  • Comparison of cell grinding methods by design of experiments methodology
  • Optimization of the extraction of specific molecules of interest
  • Development of a dereplication method for target molecules using hyphenated HPLC-UV DAD
  • Purification by high performance liquid chromatography
  • Image analysis
  • Flow cytometry
Detailed Description
  • Valorization of molecules by patent pending
  • Valorization in Bioresource Technology 124 : 311-320 (Serive et al, 2012)
  • Pigment analysis of Isochrysis afinis galbana strains for the team Algae & Genome from Laboratory PBA (IFREMER)
  • Pigment comparisons of dinoflagellate strains for the phycotoxins laboratory (IFREMER)
  • Glaucophyta strain pigment study
  • Pigment composition of 45 strains of photosynthetic micro-organisms
Company Description
Laboratory devoted mainly to biotechnological applications of microalgae and the study of their metabolism
  • Extraction, purification, characterization of marine phospholipids and sterols
  • Scuba-diving expedition for collection of sponges, cnidarians, echinoderms
  • Analysis and purification by analytical and preparative thin layer chromatography
  • Purification by high performance liquid chromatography
  • Analysis by hyphenated gas chromatography/mass spectrometry
Company Description
Laboratory dedicated to studying marine chemical molecules of interest
  • Development of screening bioassays
  • Cell culture (human cell lines, bacteria, virus)
  • Anti-viral bioassays
  • Anti-bacteria bioassays
  • Anti-fouling bioassays
  • Tests in cosmetology (anti-free radicals, anti-elastase, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, cytotoxicity)
Company Description
Laboratory dedicated to research of biological activities from marine extracts
  • Search for alternatives to the use of chloramphenicol in scallop larvae breeding (Pecten maximus)
  • Larval breeding
  • Microalgae culture (batch and continuous mode)
  • Microbiology techniques
  • Bioassays (cytotoxicity and growth inhibition)
  • Image analysis
Company Description
Laboratory dedicated to the study of invertebrates for aquaculture
  • Boarding for assess mussel stocks for the opening of the commercial fishermen fishing in the North Cotentin
Detailed Description
  • Biometrics
  • Sample collection on the foreshore
  • Taxonomic determination
  • Immunological analyzes of filter-feeding bivalves
  • Transect
Company Description
Teaching and research in ecology of marine ecosystems, animal and plant ecology, biological, ecological monitoring

Undergraduate student (Shellfish farming)

Oyster company Billon J-Y
September 1999 to May 2001
Beauvoir sur Mer
  • Techno-economic study: controlled fattening of the oyster Crassostrea gigas by the diatom Skeletonema costatum
Detailed Description
  • Long training period (15 months full-time equivalent)
  • Detrockage, tides, packaging, technical and economic study of the project (including feasibility, accounting estimates)
Company Description
Farming of Pacific oysters, sales on markets
  • Collection of field samples
  • Sample sorting
  • Counting and biometrics
Detailed Description
  • Participation in the evaluation study of biomass and density of the cockle Cerastoderma edule cultured in the Traict Croisic
Company website
  • Microalgae counting
  • Harvesting and sorting of biomass
  • Packaging of microalgae paste
  • Review : The French industry of macroalgae
Company Description
Co-culture of microalgae and macroalgae in raceway (mainly Chondrus crispus and Odontella aurita)

Undergraduate student (Shellfish farming)

Mussel company Lamarche Y.
September 1999 to December 1999
L'Aiguillon sur Mer
  • Mussel sorting
  • "Boudinage"
  • "Catinage"
  • Packaging
Company Description
Mussel farming

Undergraduate student (Marine biology)

Marine aquarium
April 1999 to May 1999
Saint Gilles Croix de Vie
  • Feeding
  • Cleaning the aquarium
  • Guided tours to school groups
Company Description
Public marine aquarium
  • Manual sorting of turbot (depending on size and malformations)
  • Tanks parameter control
  • Preparation of granules diets
  • Feeding
  • Fishing of turbots
Company Description
Larval rearing of turbot (nursery unit)
  • Spat oyster sorting
  • Feeding in micronursery
  • Washing sieves
  • Spat counting
  • Packaging of spat
Company Description
Spat farming of oysters and clams

Undergraduate student (Fishfarming)

Marine farm des Etiers
July 1998
Noirmoutier en l'Ile
  • Fishing with a seine
  • Feeding
  • Sorting
  • Direct selling
  • Defouling of tanks
Company Description
Breeding seabass, gilt-head, turbot, prawns

Undergraduate student (Shellfish farming)

Various oyster companies
April 1998 to June 1999
  • Company Sachot G.
  • Company Robin J-C.
  • Company Lamarche S.
  • Company Robard J-P.
  • Manual sorting of turbot (depending on size and malformations)
  • Mechanical sorting of turbot (depending on size)
  • Vaccination of turbot by bathing
  • Preparation of granules diets
  • Feeding
  • Fishing of turbots
Company Description
Larval rearing of turbot (weaning, nursery and pre-fattening)